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5. Documenti sulla Congregazione delle Suore Teresine
Nome Scopo, Spirito, Patrona e Guardiani della Congregazione

Name, Purpose, Spirit, Patron, and Guardians of the Congregation


1. The Congregations is known as:

Congregatio Sororum Missionalium a S. Teresiae a Jesu infante (in Latin) or CST
Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus (in English)
Masista Wamisionari wa Mtakatifu Teresia wa Mtoto Yesu (in Kiswahili).
The members are normally known as Wateresina which literally means Little Thereses.

The Congregation is of Diocesan Right. It is therefore under the Diocese of Iringa as well as under the bishop of Iringa.


2. The purpose of the Congregations, as stated in the Decree of the prefect Apostolic of Iringa dated 21 November 1938, is “ to strive for the glory of God. They are to do this, both by acquiring with accustomed care their own individual sanctification, through observance of religious vows and of their Constitutions in such a way that they may present a living and eloquent example of Christian perfection to Christians and pagans; by giving help, in accordance with their own constitutions and the rules and directives of the Ordinary, to missionaries of the Apostolic Prefecture of Iringa in working for the salvation of souls. ”


3. Of the many virtues of St. Therese such as faith, love, and simplicity, just to mention a few the one the congregation has chosen to guard it is the virtue of humility. Humility helps the members of the Congregation to put themselves wholly in the hands of God. It also helps them to be humble towards those whom they serve, thus making their work acceptable.

Patron and Guardians of the Congregation

4. The patron of the Congregation is St. Therese of the Child Jesus, by whose name the Congregation is known. The Guardians of the Congregations are Our Lady of the immaculate Conception, St Joseph, St Francis Xavier, and St Peter Claver. The members of the Congregation are earnestly invited to have special devotion to the guardian Saints ...

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Missionary Sisters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
Constitution and Directory - Iringa 2000

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